Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Why do writers wear black?

Why do writers wear black?

Why do designers wear black? And musicians? Metal heads seem dependably guilty of this. Maybe there's a link.

Many metal heads are musicians, and musicians are technically writers. So therefore many metals heads could be writers. So then, why black?

Is it reflective of their tortured existence? Or an attempt to veil their pampered existence? Perhaps because it is slimming? Or maybe having extra wavelengths of light bounced around them distracts the creative part of their mind so they create their own black-hole of wavelengths?

I'm not very good at the things I do, so I make up for it by doing many things. I am a designer, I am a musician, I am a metal head, and therefore I am a writer. So why do I wear black? The answer is far less esoteric than you may expect.

I can spill water on the crotch of my pants and it won't look like I've pissed myself.

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