Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Australia Day.

Australia is like the middle child of the world.
It isn't as old (in it's current form) as the US or UK, and have never had most of the world under its thumb like England did, or how America likes to act/does.
But it also isn't on the rise like Asia and the masses of developing countries.

We have always looked up to the USA and the UK for examples of policies we should take. The problem is both of those countries are now like the older son who borrowed too much from his parents for his drug habit and now resides under a bridge with a hairy aged man who called himself 'The Hammer'.

Australia is an awesome party - albiet with a few dickheads drinking other peoples drinks – but we are better than what we are aiming for and when we stop following in the failed footsteps of the last century's powers & failed ideas, and start make our own decisions, we can hopefully set the standard for other countries to follow.

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